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Palermo Plastics Pipe (P3) Consulting
Dr. Gene Palermo

International recognition with over 45 years experience in Plastic Piping industry – Dupont Aldyl “A” pipe system, PPI Technical Director (through 12/31/03), Hydrostatic Stress Board (HSB) chairman, and head of US delegation for ISO/TC 138 on Plastic Piping Systems, Dr. Gene Palermo can provide consulting for:

Resin, Pipe and Fitting Manufacturers:

  • Developing new Plastic Piping Products materials
  • Writing product ASTM, AASHTO, CSA or ISO standards
  • Calculating pressure ratings (HDB, PDB or MRS) for plastic piping materials and listing with PPI in TR-4
  • Presenting Plastic Piping materials HSB special cases
  • Writing petitions to the Department of Transportation

End Users:

  • Evaluating plastic pipe products
  • Analyzing performance of plastic pipe and pipe failures
  • Projecting PE pipe life using the Rate Process Method
  • Presenting technical seminars to utilities or design firms

General Interest:

PA 11 gas pipe installation for high pressure applications

Dr. Gene Palermo
20 Mongin Run
Daufuskie Island , SC 29915

PH: 843-842-6024
CELL: 703-201-8987


S-4 Equipment for RCP Testing at Jana Laboratories

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